The Red Solstice now available on Steam

Nkidu and Ironward’s co-op shooter/strategy title is blasting away at the horrors of Mars right now on the PC.

With a heavy tactical bent and a co-op lean to it, The Red Solstice is nothing like what it might first appear to be. At first glance, you might actually mistake this one for an RTS along the lines of Starcraft, but that couldn’t be further from the truth as The Red Solstice isn’t about generating hundreds of marines to throw at invading baddies, it’s about managing your squad and actually leading them into battle.

Eight classes are selectable along with the 8 players at once option and those characters will upgrade and grow in strength as you play. You’ll also fund fully customizable equipment in The Red Solstice and game boards that are randomly generated, which is a very welcome sight in a game like this as it’s sure to be a different experience every time you fire it up.

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The Red solstice is a part of Steam’s Early Access program and is now available on Valve’s download platform for the PC for the price of $14.99 USD. That’s a total of 40% off the regular price of $24.99 and will last only as long as the game is in Early Access. So basically, grab a copy now if you want to get your ass to Mars.

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