The Rhino charges retail shelves

Spider-Man villain The Rhino is expected to arrive at comic and specialty online shops this month courtesy of Marvel Select.

I know, I know… things change, and Marvel has really altered its universe quite a bit in the last few years. Honestly though, I greatly prefer the longstanding and more iconic looks for Spidey’s rogues gallery Over anything the House of Ideas is doing with them at present. And to that point, this Rhino figure is pure gold as far as I’m concerned.

Aleksei is nothing but classic Marvel goodness as he appears in the form of one massive figure from DST’s Marvel Select line.

The big grey guy clocks in at a bulky eight and a half inches in height with 16 points of articulation. A note on Marvel Select’s ‘jumbo’ figures- they rarely disappoint. I have the pleasure of having both Juggernaut and the Classic Hulk on my shelf and they’re two of my favorite pieces of Marvel collecta-bilia.

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You can reserve one now at your local comic shop and at a bunch of online stores- look for him to arrive later this month.

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