The Simpsons season 19 hits home video December 3rd

The 19th season of Fox’ The Simpsons is coming to home video. It lands on physical formats just in time for this Holiday Season.


It’s hard to ignore the stunning staying power of The Simpsons. Even with a drop-off in audience, it’s still pretty popular and has run a mind-blowing number of seasons. Now entering new season number 32 (!), the Fox TV show has classic seasons appearing on DVD and Blu Ray.

In that vein, Fox has just announced that the 19th season of The Simpsons is about to land on physical formats. You can expect that on both good ol’ DVD and Blu Ray disc on December 3rd. Just in time for the Holidays.

As the season following the historic debut of The Simpsons Movie (in 2D!), THE SIMPSONS THE COMPLETE NINETEENTH SEASON includes a number of beloved episodes such as the Sideshow Bob focused adventure “Funeral for a Fiend,” the WGA-nominated “Homer of Seville,” and the Emmy-winning “Eternal Moonshine of the Simpsons Mind.” Guest stars from the season include returning fan favorites Kelsey Grammer as the aforementioned Sideshow Bob, David Hyde Pierce as his brother Cecil Terwilliger and Glenn Close as Mona Simpson, as well as Stephen Colbert, Matt Dillon, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jack Black, “Weird Al” Yankovic and MORE!

Fox press release


  • Audio Commentaries on All 20 Episodes
  • Introduction By Matt Groening
  • Special Language Feature
  • Thank You

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