The Sims 4 will bring the good life to Steam soon

The Sims 4 will bring the good life to Steam soon

The Sims is still going strong as a series, allowing players to project their personalities in a whole new world. The possibilities are endless, and having more creators is a key part of that. With EA finally going beyond the Origin platform, The Sims 4 will finally be on Steam later this year, as the team revealed at EA Play Live 2020. Of course, being able to create, live, and enjoy a utopia created by your own hand is always awesome. EA also celebrated the many fans that made the series what it is, a heartwarming message that many sorely need right now.

A new world awaits

Having made its debut back in 2000, The Sims has certainly come a long way as a franchise. Giving players the freedom to create virtual people, construct dream homes, and living out virtual lives, it was escapism that retained a touch of reality. It was a huge hit with fans, and has spawned a legacy that is envied by many. With its latest iteration, The Sims 4, arriving in 2014, the game has reached over 20 million players and counting.

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The Sims 4 Eco Friendly Mods

That has plenty to do with the support coming from the developers as well. Each entry came with its own set of downloadable content and expansions. Not only did this keep fans coming back for more, but it also breathed new life into the game every time. While The Sims 4 has always been an Origin exclusive, the move to Steam will surely benefit the community even more.

The message of a better life, one where you are not judged, and makes you feel included is one we can get behind. With The Sims 4 coming to Steam, hopefully, more players will have the opportunity to experience that in a whole new world.

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