The Sinking City revealed on Switch

Lovecraftian adventure The Sinking City is fast making its way to the Nintendo Switch. The game is looking sharp in this first gameplay reveal.

Not-so sinking feeling

Released earlier this year, The Sinking City is a Lovecraftian adventure to its core. It’s packed with creepy places to visit, horrible monsters, oddities aplenty, and (of course) insanity.

It’s also a pretty good looking game, that developer Frogwares seems more than a little proud of. Now with the Switch port en route, they’re ready to show off some gameplay, and talk about the differences gamers will find between the platforms.

According to the devs, this is no simple port though. The Sinking City on Switch features both “improvements” and tweaks that were enacted because of player feedback.

“We did our best to optimize the game and ensure it runs at a stable 30 frames throughout. We also improved combat a bit to have more weight and feel. Weapons now have new gunshot sounds, improved recoil and new visual effects. We also did our best to improve the game from people’s feedback. So things like crowd behavior and pedestrian AI has been tweaked along with all around additional levels of polishing and bug fixing.

Serge Chervonnyi, Game Producer

Have a look at what The Sinking City will offer when it emerges on the Nintendo Switch.

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