The Steam Summer Sale 2022 has arrived with a scavenger mini-game

The Steam Summer Sale 2022 has arrived with a scavenger mini-game

The Steam Summer Sale for 2022 is live. New and old games are discounted at various prices, which is the norm. But to spice things up, Valve has prepared an unusual quest: a scavenger hunt, led by a “time-traveling trickster” who has stolen 10 games “from the far future.” Your job is to follow the clues and earn new badges as rewards.

Yeah, it’s a strange one this year. Prior Steam Summer Sales have included mini-games before. Last year, we had a series of narrative adventure books in which you can choose your own fate. It was surprisingly engaging as far as marketing ploys tend to go and pretty funny as well. I haven’t been able to make much progress with this latest quest, brought to us by Clorthax — the time traveler in question whose name sounds like a kitchen cleaner. The store is chugging a bit. I’ll have to get back to it later.


In the meantime, there are tons of games discounted for the Steam Summer Sale 2022. Kicking off today, the sale lasts until July 7 at 1 PM ET. Be sure to check your wishlist, if you have one. No doubt a few of your most-wanted games have been priced down. These can include Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which saw an uptick in popularity recently. You can pick it up at 75% off, or $7.49 USD.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 Discounts 2

Discounts, deals, and more

There’s plenty more, of course. Valve is promising thousands of game discounts, so you might want to take some time to shop around. Raft, the survival game that just fully launched, is going for 15% off at $16.99 USD. No Man’s Sky, which got a new update recently, is half off at $29.99 USD. You also have some former PlayStation exclusives, like God of War at 20% off, and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade at 29% off.

Check out the Steam Summer Sale 2022 page for more deals.

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