The sword returns

Collecting the first arc of Marvel’s Savage Sword of Conan series in black and white, The Cult of Koga Thun hits stores this October.

The sword returns

Marvel’s re-acquisition of the Conan license has so far been a pretty good deal. The flagship book, Conan, is terrific and has gotten quite a bit of critical acclaim. I’ve been following along with it and really liking what Marvel has put together.

Ron Garney and Gerry Duggan’s Savage Sword of Conan though, hasn’t quite accrued as much interest. That said, the sister book to Conan looks pretty neat regardless.

If you’ve been skipping out on it though, you might want to do a little bit of trade-waiting. A collected edition of the initial arc is set to arrive in stores this October. Dubbed The Savage Sword of Conan: The Cult of Koga Thun, it’ll also be presented in black and white.

That’s an extreme rarity for Marvel, and calls back nicely to the pulp roots of Conan.

When Ron and I first discussed him illustrating this story, we knew we wanted to approach it in a style that would feel at home in the original SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, letting the final inked work contain all of the texture and detail and lighting cues to read standalone as well as it would in color,” said editor Mark Basso. “Ron’s extremely evocative ink work is second-to-none, and seeing it presented here in black-and-white makes for a distinct reading experience…a throwback to the original series in the best possible way and a showcase for Ron’s incredible talent.”

“I’m truly honored to have my work presented in this black and white format, in the greatest tradition of and Conan and the artistic greats that fueled our imaginations for so long,” added Garney. “It’s been a hope of mine for a while now — since I was illustrating Daredevil even — to see it shown this way, as I’ve felt this style I’ve developed is probably best represented in black and white. I’d like to thank Mark Basso and Marvel for making it happen, Gerry Duggan, Richard Isanove and Conan properties as well, and huge thanks to the fans who have shown me so much support for SAVAGE SWORD and my work in general. I hope you really dig it!”

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