The Taken King arrives in this new trailer for Destiny’s latest expansion

The Taken King is a massive expansion for Activision and Bungie’s FPS epic Destiny, and it’s got a brand new trailer that you can watch after the break.

Now that’s a fleet.

Announced a while back at E3, The Taken King is a full on expansion for Destiny. It’s so massive that it’s pretty much as close as we’re going to get to a Destiny 2 for a good long time. Remember that this was the plan from the beginning though, that Destiny was set to be a series of expansions, and not a game that saw ‘sequels’ really.

And is seems that that plan is being pulled off pretty flawlessly thus far. While The Taken King will be available digitally, you can also snag a copy in the physical, disc-based format, which comes complete with the original base game as well. So if you’ve yet to try Destiny, you can get in on the total package in one fell swoop.

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Destiny: The Taken King arrives on consoles this September the fifteenth.

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