The transfer process from a 3DS to a New 3DS is almost painful

Thought transferring your digital games between your old Nintendo 3DS’ was short of easy? You aint seen nothing yet.

This Friday marks the launch of the New 3DS, which is the latest console revision of Nintendo’s stalwart handheld. The new system sports a second analog nub, a sleeker body type, and more processing power. Neatly put; if you like gaming on your 3DS, then you probably are going to want one of these. But if your library of games is mostly of the digital variety, you’re going to be a little… bothered.

Why? Well, here’s the thing, Nintendo has gone and made the process of transferring your games just about the most difficult thing ever, as goes handheld gaming anyway. To complete a transfer of data, you will need: your New Nintendo 3DS, your old Nintendo 3DS, broadband access, a pair of micro SD cards, a computer, an adapter for one of the cards, and a screwdriver. Lose you yet?

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Have a look at this handy-dandy video and see how un-streamlined the process is:

I… wha… How Nintendo is still this far behind both other hardware makers is beyond me. To go from one console to another in the Xbox or PlayStation lines, all you need to do is setup your existing account, log in, and download your games over again. As long as you’re not transferring saves and such it’s stunningly easy. And now that we’re in the age of cloud storage for those saves, that’s not much of a problem either.

The same holds true for Sony’s PS Vita, if you want to reference another handheld console, which is just as simple to transfer. Why Nintendo lags so massively far behind in the online gaming arena is one thing, but why their consoles (the Wii U is no joy to transfer either) need to complicate things so is just beyond me.

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Anyway, there you have it. Have fun with that extremely consumer-friendly process.

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