The truth is still out there in the new X-Files trailer

Mulder’s pissed, UFO’s are dropping out of the sky, and it looks like the X-Files are back with a vengeance.

Now that was awesome. As a big X-Files fan myself I can’t wait to see what creator Chris Carter is cooking up for this new event series. It’s great to see Mulder and Scully back in action, and even better to see that most of the threads from the old show are back as well, including plenty of new stuff for the modern state of the world (it looks like there’s a healthy dose of ‘police state’ in there). Fingers crossed, ’cause it looks great.

Set your DVRs now, The X-Files season premiere kicks off on Fox right after the NFC championship game on Sunday, Jan. 24, which should be some time around 10:00-11:00 PM ET. Part 2 of the opening continues the very next night, at 8:00 PM Eastern.

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