The truth returns in 2016 as new X-Files teaser arrives

July 17, 2015
Movies & TV, News


Fox’ new X-Files mini-series is on the way and a new teaser has just enough to get you guessing about what it’ll have in store.

Not that you probably needed any more incentive to get excited about the new X-Files episodes, but that should have done nicely just in case you did. The show picks up years after the original run had ended and continues on with the continuity that was further laid out with the last big screen feature film.

It’s also set to star most of the original cast, and looks (from the teaser anyway) to have some heavy ‘mythology’ (read: conspiracy/alien) overtones, which is a very good thing indeed as it was always the bread and butter of the series.

The X-Files returns to TV for a 6-part mini-series starting this coming January.

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