The Walking Dead now stalk the PS Vita

Telltale Games’ excellent (some would say, 2012’s Game of the Year) The Walking Dead ‘graphic adventure’ is now ready to rot on Sony’s handheld.

Let’s be honest here- if you haven’t played The Walking Dead’s first season yet, then you pretty much need to. The game is beyond well made and is incredibly appealing as much for it’s story and maturity as it is for its innovative and evolutionary take on the traditional point and click adventure game.

The Vita version of the game, which is actually what we’re talking about here, comes complete with the full five episodes of season one plus the 400 Days add-on that’s just as critically acclaimed as the initial release(s). There are some changes for the handheld version of TWD too including new Trophies and optional touchscreen controls.

The Walking Dead is available now for the PS Vita (and a multitude of other consoles and mobiles) and is available on the PSN, in a boxed edition and in a bundle pack with the console. And make sure you hang onto those save games, because The Walking Dead season two is on the way for later this year.

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