The WB fighter MultiVersus is getting a Closed Alpha, and will be at EVO

The WB fighter MultiVersus is getting a Closed Alpha, and will be at EVO

If you ever wondered who would win a brawl between Steven Universe and Arya Stark, you’ll have a week to find out. WB Games’ bizarre platform fighter MultiVersus will have a Closed Alpha starting on May 19. You can sign up for it today, and apparently all you’ll need is a WB Games account to do so. But if you’re more interested in watching than playing fighting games, there’s even more news. MultiVersus is heading to EVO 2022, which takes place later this year.

MultiVersus‘ Closed Alpha is going to test the game’s myriad features. It’s cross-platform, so you’ll throw down with PC users as well as those on PlayStation and Xbox. Sorry, Switch fans, it looks like you’re benched this time around. MultiVersus also has rollback netcode, so no matter who you play in cross-platform, the experience should be smooth as butter. At least, that’s the hope. It is an alpha test, after all. The test begins on May 19 at noon ET and runs until May 27 at 8 PM ET.


To sign up, you’ll need to hustle on over to the game’s web page. After signing into or creating an account, you can follow a link to throw your Batman cowl into the ring. The MultiVersus Closed Alpha will have several online modes, such as a team-based 2 vs. 2, a 1 vs. 1, and a four-player free-for-all.

So far, there are 13 characters to choose from. They include Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, Shaggy, Harley Quinn, Batman, Tom and Jerry, and many more. The one original character is Reindog. There’ll be more characters revealed as time goes on.

To show off the game ahead of the Alpha, the developers took on some pros. You can watch how it went:

MultiVersus goes to Las Vegas

In news that would excite any fan of the FGC, MultiVersus will be showcased during EVO 2022. It’ll be a 2-on-2 tournament, and likely not joining the main lineup of fighting games. No information has been shared on when the showcase will take place. However, it’ll be on display during EVO sometime between August 5 and August 7 when the event is live.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play platform fighter developed by Player First Games. It’ll launch on PC via Steam later in the year.

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