The Wild is the next big update for Minecraft, coming in 2022

The Wild is the next big update for Minecraft, coming in 2022

We had a busy weekend for gaming. DC Fandome 2021 kicked off early on Saturday, delivering new trailers for Gotham Knights and the Suicide Squad game. However, on the other side of the non-face-punchy spectrum was fresh news for a famous survival game. Minecraft Live 2021 also showcased on Saturday, demonstrating more than an hour of upcoming content. The show announced the next big update for Minecraft, The Wild, which is bringing frogs, new biomes, and more. The biggest survival game in the world is getting bigger. Oh, and the winner of the mob vote has been revealed.

Minecraft: The Wild update rolls out some things that were going to be a part of its Caves & Cliffs update. Following the title reveal, the showcase revealed that The Deep Dark biome will be in the update. The Deep Dark is pretty much as you imagine. It’s an underground biome, with “unique loot” to discover. The biome is creepy and macabre, with decaying cities that house a central structure with something mysterious hidden within. The developers at Mojang only dangled the hint of an interesting thing, but didn’t elaborate further.

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The Wild comes with a second biome: the Swamp. Again, it’s fairly easy to understand what this new area is all about. The Swamp is getting a new tree, the mangrove, which grow out of pools of water. You’ll be able to grow your own mangroves by cutting propagules off its green leaves. The propagules can be planted under water or on land. Mangroves are, obviously, a tree, which means players will have a new wood type to use for crafting and building. Mangrove wood is a light reddish brown, and you should be able to use it for all craftable wooden items. There will also be frogs hopping around in the swamp, along with fireflies.

Minecraft and a new mob friend: the Allay

Minecraft fans were able to vote for a new mob ahead of the show, and the Allay won out. I looked into the Allay, and honestly it sounds like a great pick to me. Of course, my Minecraft friend said she was voting for the Copper Golem, but we can’t have it all. The Allay is a new mob for Minecraft, acting as your personal gathering buddy. You can give the fairy-like creature an item, and then it will scour the lands to bring you more of that same item. This can include blocks, collectibles, or even something you’ve crafted yourself. It’s a fantastic concept, allowing you to focus on your tasks for the day while the Allay does the gathering work.

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There is a lot more that Minecraft Live 2021 went over during the weekend. Check out the video above and start planning your next adventures before The Wild releases next year.

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