The Witcher is free on GOG to celebrate the remake

The Witcher is free on GOG to celebrate the remake

Since The Witcher is getting a remake so people can stop complaining about how badly it’s held up, the original version is being given away for free once again. I swear, every single time CD Projekt Red wants to celebrate something, The Witcher is given away for free. This might be the 10th time, I’m not joking. But while the game was given away by itself years ago, you’ll have to jump through a separate hoop to claim it this time.

Some of you may remember that, in the past, The Witcher was only given away if you did some GOG-related stuff. Well, that’s how you’ll have to get it this time too. You’ll need to subscribe to the GOG newsletter, which will also get you a Gwent keg key. Nothing inspires a desire to play a game quite like announcing that players will be able to experience a story element without the awkward gameplay and get a bunch of emails on top of it all. I’m just kidding. That’s a bald-faced lie. And I’m bald, so that means something.


Free again

In case you somehow missed it, CD Projekt Red announced that The Witcher is getting a full remake made in Unreal 5. The original game was released back in 2007 to a lot of, “well, the story is really good.” It famously led to a massively improved sequel as well as one of the most time-consuming, beloved action RPGs in existence. Of course, I’m talking about Dragon Age: Inquisition. I hear there’s also another game featuring some silver-haired Hexer that plays card games and hangs out with an annoying bard. Head on over to GOG to subscribe to the newsletter if you’ve somehow managed to miss one of the other giveaways. Or wait for the remake. Why wouldn’t you wait for the remake at this point? You’ve already had 15 years.

The Witcher Trilogy Geralt

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