The Xbox One gets SUPERHOT

Time-freezing FPS SUPERHOT is now heating up the Xbox One.

SUPERHOT is an interesting game, and not just for its hook. That is the biggest element though, that separates the game from pretty much everything out there. If you’re not aware, the game’s world (and everything in it) only moves when you move. That makes for an oddly tactical experience for a first-person shooter, and a pretty darn fun time.

Also interesting about this one is that you don’t get a massive arsenal to wipe out the bad guys with. Instead, you have whatever’s around, and whatever guns you grab off of fallen enemies. You won’t find any ammo dumps either, or health pick-ups (and that health doesn’t regenerate by the way), so make every shot count. And uh, you better make use of al that time-stopping for some serious strategic thinking too.

We dug SUPERHOT a lot when we reviewed the PC edition a few weeks back and thought it was “one of the year’s most unique titles”, and something that you should experience, despite a few shortcomings. You can read through Martin’s full review here before you buy-in. It’s available right now for the PC and Xbox One.

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