There’s a bad moon on the rise in new Lords of the Fallen trailer

Lords of the Fallen promises to be a hardcore action-fest filled with swordplay, monsters, and sins… lots of sins.

So that was Harkyn, the ‘resident badass’ in Lords of the Fallen, in that trailer. Not the greatest guy in the world, he’s a sin-commiting, monster-slaying beast of a warrior and the main character in Bandai Namco’s newest. Aside from giving fans another look at the game in action, the publisher also has announced a Limited Edition for Lords.

The LE is set to contain “the official game soundtrack, Monk’s Decipher DLC which enables players to uncover hidden secrets, and the Demonic Weapons Pack DLC that gives players three additional special weapons to wield in battle”. That’s pretty nice for free, which is exactly what the LE will cost you if you pre-order right now as it’s a free upgrade.

Next generation brutality, Lords of the Fallen debuts on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC just before Halloween, on October 28th. The perfect game for some spooky playtime? Sounds like.

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