There’s a new Doom movie coming

There is a new Doom movie coming, and it’s set to hit home video this year. Yes, I said “home video”. Just go watch the trailer.

Doom… sort of

There is a new Doom movie coming. And if you remember the last Doom movie (the one with Dwayne Johnson), then you might be pleased to hear that. But uh, maybe don’t be.

The original that I mention was, all around, a terrible movie. Worse, it was an absolutely abysmal adaptation of the franchise. At least it could have been fun if it was just poorly made. But not only did it look nothing like Doom (in any form), but it also was as far as possible from the mythos as could be.

Now, I realize that Doom has historically had very little in the way of narrative. But there was a pretty solid one by the time that movie came out. That came of course, in the form of Doom 3.

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Yeah, yeah, everyone likes to crap on D3, but it was a well-made game that actually gave Doom a pretty solid story. It also completely shook up the gameplay of classic Doom in a cool way. Not that many hardcore fans dug it, though that had more to do with the slower gameplay than the story elements.

At this point even that though has been supplanted by the rebooted 2016 series. And, oddly enough, it’s got an even cooler story now. I think the Doomslayer-tale is probably more popular than either Doom story that came before. And with the fast run and gun gameplay of the classics behind it, it’s a runaway hit of a series with a sequel coming this year.

Now, with all that in mind, watch this. As it looks right now, Doom Annihilation is a direct-to-video release that seems to once again have nothing to do with Doom.

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