This Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct to focus on Switch and 3DS games

Get ready for a Nintendo Direct presentation this Wednesday that will center on some of the games heading to the Switch and the 3DS in the short term.

All about the games

It was probably never in question that this week’s Nintendo Direct would be focusing on anything but games. Though, surely everything has  been announced for release this Holiday. Then again, Nintendo hints that this Direct might not strictly center on the upcoming season.

The company says that gamers can look forward to 45 minutes of talk about “what’s heading to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS over the next few months”. So there’s a possibility there, that the presentation will also highlight a few things that might be on the way for 2018. But even if that’s true, I wouldn’t bet on too much of it.

Remember that this will be a big Holiday for the Switch, and to a lesser extent, the 3DS. For the Switch, Holiday 2017 will be its first, and there are some big games on the horizon. Not the lest of those, is Super Mario Odyssey. That’s a game that the company will want to highlight to the extreme.

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Nintendo actually says that there’ll be some new info about their biggest Holiday release at the Direct too, so make sure to tune in to catch that. Expect the show to kick off on September 13th at 6pm Eastern.

Watch it here.

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