This week in Temtem: Egg moves and Telomere Hacks

This week in Temtem: Egg moves and Telomere Hacks

On the back of an amazing week in the Saipark, Crema has delivered a solidly mediocre one. Neither of the Temtem you can catch this week is particularly powerful when it comes to PvP and they have regular Luma odds. As for the FreeTem rewards, this Temtem Weekly Reset brings a couple more Telomere Hacks, which are always welcome. But all in all, it’s going to be a slow week.

Temtem Weekly Reset June 22 28

FreeTem rewards – Telomere Hacks are back

Catching and releasing 125 Temtem isn’t a big ask. But the rewards this week aren’t a big deal either. The tier one reward, Balm+, is nice to have for your PvE battles against other tamers and the tier two reward, Energetic Kiwi, is nice for training TV stats.

Releasing 200 Temtem is a little tougher, but if you think you’ll do breeding at any point, you’ll want to pick up the Endurance DNA strands. It’ll save you 2,000 Pansuns down the line. What you really want this week is the tier four Telomere Hacks for DEF (Defense). Releasing 425 Temtem is going to take some work, but since the Saipark isn’t great this week, you may as well go for the Telomere Hacks.

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Thanks, but no thanks Saipark

I think very few players will be spending time in the Saipark this week. The only reason to go would be to catch a good Ganki or Umishi if you don’t have one in your collection yet. The Saipark fee means you’re paying 100 Pansuns per card, which is a lot more expensive than regular TemCards. So, if you’re looking to breed either of the Tems, you’re better off catching them in the wild.

Ganki and Umishi both have one Egg Move, which isn’t tough to breed. However, saving yourself the effort is a nice bonus. It’s probably the only good reason to go to the Saipark this week. Ganki can only get its Egg Move from Nessla, which can take some time to catch. And Umishi gets its Egg Move from Oceara or Shuine, both of which are hard to catch. Alternatively, you can level a Kalabyss to 43 and breed that with Umishi for the Egg Move. That’s also going to take you some time.

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What are you going to be doing in Temtem this week? Are the FreeTem rewards worth going after? Or are the Egg Moves enough of a drawcard for you to head to the Saipark?

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