Thor foe Gorr the god butcher joins Hot Toys’ Movie Masterpiece line

Thor foe Gorr the god butcher joins Hot Toys’ Movie Masterpiece line

Here’s your first look at Hot Toys’ take on the main heavy from Thor: Love and Thunder, spinning out of the comics, it’s Gorr the god butcher.

Despair leads to rage

Not all that long ago, Gorr debuted in the pages of Marvel Comics’ Thor book, bringing a story of vengeance along with him. An alien from a far-off world, the formerly peaceful Gorr blamed his planet’s gods for allowing his daughter to die.

From that point, he set out on a bloody quest, to slaughter every god across the cosmos. How could one man do that? All-Black, the Necrosword. An ancient weapon granting immeasurable power, All-Black is actually related to the Klyntar, the same race that the Venom symbiote hails from. Not that there was any relation mentioned in the movie that starred Gorr however, and that’s where this new Hot Toys figure comes in.

Fresh from the film, comes Hot Toys’ take on Gorr, complete with the likeness of actor Christian Bale. And as you can see, this new Movie Masterpiece is as spot-on as always.

The Gorr 1/6 Scale Figure features a newly developed, hand-painted headsculpt (with ultra-detailed sculpted scars and crooked teeth) and is equipped with Hot Toys’ innovative “rolling eyeballs” function, allowing collectors to adjust the figure’s gaze for a greater degree of realism and posing potential.

The newly designed 1/6 scale body is outfitted with a carefully tailored and weathered fabric robe and scarf. Gorr’s accessories include a Necrosword, a separate battle-damaged Necrosword, Thor’s Stormbreaker (with LED light-up function), a necklace, a figure display stand, and more!

Sideshow Toys press release

Gorr is just the latest in Hot Toys’ Love and Thunder lineup, which also includes Thor in his golden battle armor, the Asgardian-powered Jane Foster, and Valkyrie. He’s priced in at $275USD, and is up for pre-order now. Look for him to ship some time in the first half of 2024.

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