Three teams of X-Men Minimates hit stores this week

DST has a trio of X-Men teams heading to stores this week representing the movie and All-New sections of the franchise.

There should be a little something for very X-fan in this week’s assortment of the popular mini-figure line from Diamond Select Toys. X-Men: Days of Future Past is represented by four two-packs featuring the X-Men of the ’70s and the ‘future’ team as they appeared at the beginning of the movie. And if the film wasn’t your cup of tea (and why wasn’t it?!) there’s also another series of two-packs featuring the All-New X-Men, straight out of the Marvel comics.

Marvel Minimates Series 58 X-Men: Days of Future Past Asst.
A Diamond Select Release! The most epic X-Men movie ever made is getting the Minimates treatment from DST! Four different two-packs depict the past and future worlds of X-Men: Days of Future Past, featuring Mystique with Young Magneto, Bone Claw Wolverine with Charles Xavier, Future Wolverine with Future Storm and Professor X with Future Magneto! Each Minimates mini-figure stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation and features a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories, including an alternate head for Storm, alternate hair for Magneto and an alternate torso for Wolverine. Designed and Sculpted by Art Asylum! (Item #MAY142223, SRP: $9.99/ea.)

Marvel Minimates Series 59 All-New X-Men Asst.
A Diamond Select Toys Release! The five original X-Men have been brought to the present day, and a new decade calls for new costumes! This assortment based on the Marvel Now! comic title All-New X-Men features four two-packs, including Cyclops with Marvel Girl, Beast with Angel, Iceman with a Sentinel and a rare, short-packed Bobby Drake with Sentinel! Each Minimate mini-figure stands approximately 2 inches tall and features a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories, incluing multile alternate heads and hair pieces, energy blasts and flight stands! Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #MAY142224, SRP: $9.99/ea.)

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