Thunder Force AC coming to Sega Ages on Switch

Thunder Force AC coming to Sega Ages on Switch

Sega Genesis shooter turned arcade title Thunder Force AC is almost ready to blast away on the Nintendo Switch, as a part of the Sega Ages collection.

The classic returns

Thunder Force AC is the subject of today’s Sega announcement, but there’s a twist. AC is the arcade version of Thunder Force III on the Genesis. The arcade port marked the first time that the series made its way into the former video game hotspots.

And this is an adaptation of the arcade version through and through. Well, sort of. Gamers who’ve been playing Sega Ages titles will know that Thunder Force AC will have some added tricks and goodies.

Those include a ‘kids mode’, leaderboards, and save states.

  • Arcade Mode, a faithful adaptation of the original arcade release featuring three other unlockable ships lifted from later Thunder Force titles (FIRE LEO-04 RYNEX, FIRE LEO-04 RYNEX with the Thunder Claw weapon, and FIRE LEO-3 STYX MP Mass Production Model)
  • Kids Mode to help you on your mission by providing increased attack power, additional credits (9 instead of 6), and the ability to retain your weapons even after your ship has been destroyed, among other adjustments
  • Two different sets of Leaderboards – “Expert” for those that play the game with its default settings enabled, and “Freestyle” for when the settings have been changed
  • And the option to save and view Replays, including those from the leaderboards!
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In addition to the above, you can obviously expect stereo sound for “most” of the game’s audio. Sega has worked in both “CRT-like” Vintage and arcade cabinet backdrops too, and save states. I’m sure that last part will get you just a little further than you might’ve gotten back in the day.

Get ready to rock, Thunder Force AC will land on the Switch on May 28th, and will run you $7.99 USD.

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