Thundercats Classics figures up for pre-order

Super7’s Thundercats Classics are on the way and ready for pre-order. You might want to hurry though, since the order window isn’t that large.

Classics hooooo

I think it’s fair to say that when Mattel dropped the Thundercats Classics line from their MattyCollector service, most fans thought that was it for the line. Even when Super7 announced that they’d be doing the Thundercats, some fans online assumed it’d be a different form factor from the Mattel figures.

Of course, that was the opposite of what was happening. Classics is alive and well at Super7, continuing that formerly subscription-only series. Under the new plan, fans don’t have to lock in for everything.

They can select just one figure, a few, or the full wave. Of course, there are no mysteries this time either, since Super7 announces lineups ahead of time. So there’s no chance you won’t know what it is you’re buying into.

Wave 1 includes Lion-O, Panthro, Mumm-Ra (mummy form), and Jackalman. While these figures were all a part of the original Matty lineup, these new issuances will be in “ultimate” form. That means they’ll ship with more accessories and extra parts than before.

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If you missed them the first time, this is basically your last shot to grab ’em. Pre-orders will run now through the 16th of the month, which isn’t a ton of time. So if you want them, you might want to act now.

From here, the series will be presumably be moving on, into previously unmade Classics-ified versions of classic ‘Cats. So stay tuned for lots more on Thundercats down the line.

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