Thundercats Minimates series 3 lands at AFX

Thunder… Thunder… Thundercats fans might want to go to AFX and grab yourselves series 3 of the ‘cats Minimates because they’re available now.

The third set of Thundercats Minimates (which are a joint venture between Icon Heroes, DST, and Art Asylum) features more of the iconic heroes of the famed 80s cartoon series. While the first set showcased the headliners (including Lion-O and Mumm-Ra) and series 2 was stocked with evil mutants- set 3 is all about the heroes… and a RoBear.

The box set includes Cheetara, Tygra, WilyKit, and WilyKat as well as a bonus RoBear Bill who I vaguely remember being of the ‘less annoying than Snarf’ variety of character. I’m a little rusty on my Thundera lore, but I think that just about rounds out the heroic cast of the show doesn’t it?

Look for them now at online shop AFX, where they have all sorts of cool stuff- including series 2 of the Thundercats (which are still in stock). Diamond Select also promises that series 4 will be inbound soon, though there’s no announcement as to the roster for that upcoming set as of yet.

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