Titanfall 2 will have a single-player campaign

Unlike the first release in the series, EA and Respawn’s formerly Xbox-exclusive FPS series will come complete with a full single-player campaign.

Well this is a very nice surprise indeed. One of the biggest problems I had with the original Titanfall was that the game had no real campaign. Sure there was a story to be told, and it could play out for gamers by playing through the multiplayer mode map by map, but I like a good old fashioned single player campaign, and the game had none of that.

I know I wasn’t alone either, as several of my friends skipped the game (which otherwise looked great) because it really couldn’t be played offline. Apparently there were plenty more gamers who felt the same too, since Titanfall 2 will have a solo experience.

The lead writer for the title, Jesse Stern, said as much in an interview with financial mag Forbes recently, and also elaborated on a very interesting direction for the series. Now, I didn’t play Titanfall, but it was pretty obvious that it was all about firefights and big pieces of machinery, with the mechs (called Titans) taking center stage.

Titanfall 2 though will be a bit different. According to Stern, the new game will have a mix of technology and… magic. Stern said that although the game will still be gritty and grounded in reality, there will be scenes where sci-fi and fantasy do indeed come together.

Very interesting indeed. We’ll have more on Titanfall 2 as it’s announced.

Source: MCV

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