Titanfall E3 video debuts online

July 17, 2013


The game that many are saying ‘won’ the software side of E3 now has a recap video online and ready for viewing.

To say that Respawn and EA’s newest has been well received since its debut at this past E3 would probably be understating the matter. Titanfall has amassed 60 some odd E3 awards and a “record-breaking” six E3 Game Critics Awards- complete with a coveted Best of Show nod.

It’s hard to argue with the accolades as Respawn (formed from vets hailing from the Call of Duty franchise) has crafted a mech title that manages to feel absolutely nothing like a traditional mech game. There’s no slow and awkward movement here, something that you find in almost all ‘big robot’ games across the boards- and getting out of your ride and marching around on foot almost feels like a completely different game. It’s definitely set to dump the genre on its ear, which is most definitely a good thing.

Fans won’t have to wait all that long either as Titanfall launches this Fall for the Xbox 360/One and the PC.

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