Today is the last day you can download and keep Dear Esther for free

Today is the last day you can download and keep Dear Esther for free

For a while, I had never heard of the walking simulator, which is a genre that sounded dangerous when I considered the lack of walking I do. These story-based games, something like What Remains of Edith Fitch, have definitely risen in popularity over the past couple of years, and gaming has changed for the better because of it. To celebrate Dear Esther’s 10th anniversary, the game is free until the end of today.

In Dear Esther, you’re placed on a remote island in the outer land of Hebrides. In this desolate world, you hear a voice that begins to read parts of a letter, starting with “Dear Esther.” This first-person game is famous for its full, story-driven experience, choosing to abandon the typical gameplay beats you’d find in other games. If you’re looking for a stunning narrative experience and want to join the debate on whether these games are actually games, then download Dear Esther as soon as you can.


Writing a letter

The 10th anniversary of the game, developed by The Chinese Room, co-aligns with the upcoming release of the developer’s next game, Little Orpheus. Little Orpheus will release in just a couple of weeks on March 1, and it is more like a traditional game when compared to Dear Esther. With side-scrolling and platforming elements, Little Orpheus is probably what most people have in mind when it comes to playing a game.

With “randomly generated audio, visuals, and events,” and a soundtrack featuring “world-class musicians,” Dear Esther is a premium storytelling experience that any fan of good stories will enjoy playing. Even if some may want to spend time arguing over their classification. Dear Esther is available to download for free on Steam until the end of today. Meanwhile, you can also wishlist the developer’s next game, Little Orpheus.

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