Tokyo director is open to making DLC as well as a sequel

Tokyo director is open to making DLC as well as a sequel

The highly anticipated Ghostwire: Tokyo dropped back in late March, and it thankfully seems to have performed decently so far. Although the 77 Metascore on Metacritic suggests that the game has a somewhat niche appeal, the “very positive” Steam reviews seem to indicate that it catered to that niche fairly well. Those who clicked with Ghostwire: Tokyo may wonder what comes after. And although we do not yet know anything definitive, director Kenji Kimura at least has some ideas. In a recent interview with IGN Japan, Kimura expressed openness to developing both DLC and a sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Most of the interview consisted discussing the design process behind the game’s setting. Kimura did not say much regarding what a potential Ghostwire: Tokyo sequel or DLC pack would look like. However, he did say that he will formulate some ideas for follow-up content “when things calm down a bit more, and when I’ve cooled down a bit more.”


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Kimura went on to clarify that he has not made any decisions regarding this content, so he cannot say anything specific. Additionally, he stated that despite his interest in future Ghostwire: Tokyo content, he hopes that he will surprise players all over again with a new IP just like he did with the game.

Due to the lack of details and concrete decisions at this stage, it may take quite a while before players hear anything about new DLC or a sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo. But whatever that content ends up being, hopefully, it will evoke the same level of charm and intrigue that attracted players to the game in the first place. And if that content manages to smooth out some of the original game’s rough edges, then the appeal of this IP could stretch well beyond the niche audience it has cultivated.

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