Topps and Mego go round 2 with Phantom and zombie horror figures

Topps and Mego go round 2 with Phantom and zombie horror figures

Continuing their month of Halloween horror is Mego and Topps, who’ve teamed up for a series of terrifying new limited edition figures.

Act fast…

Did you catch the previous series of Hammer Horror figures from toy-maker Mego and Topps? If not, well you’re out of luck on ’em. This new series of limited run figures is hitting in pre-order form only, as they’re made to order. So once the windows close, that’s it.

But if you did miss out, you might be happy to know that you have a shot at a brand new pair. The latest to hit the promo are excellent too. It’s the legendary Phantom of the Opera and a zombie from Hammer Horror’s Plague of the Zombies.

If you want to add these creeps to your collection, remember that pre-ordering is the only way to do it. And the opening to place one of those isn’t all that long. Each pre-order window is only open for a week, with this one ending on the 25th. And again, once that date arrives, it’s over and done with for these specific figures.

If you’re a horror fan, or just a Hammer one, you might want to take a look. Click here for that. Each figure is priced in at $19.99 USD. Look for them to ship some time between 90 and 100 days after the pre-order period ends.

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