Toy Fair 13: Hellboy gets Mini-Qee’d

The cutest little (son of) the devil emerged at Toy Fair last week as Dark Horse Deluxe and Toy2R announced that Hellboy would be appearing in the Mini-Qee format.

You might know Toy2R, the Hong Kong based company, from their super collectable Qee vinyl figures. Now you can add Big Red to that lineup as a series of 5″ Mini-Qee’s are being readied that’ll feature everybody’s favorite BPRD tough guy, Hellboy.

Mike Mignola’s character and the entire comic book universe that sprang up around him has been a phenomenon and has spawned some of the best and most memorable comics in recent years. Hellboy is currently embroiled in a quest through the netherworld in Hellboy in Hell, but you don’t have to go to the afterlife to take home a lil’ version of the main man thanks to Toys2R.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be involved in this program,” Dark Horse Product Development head David Scroggy said. “We have worked with Toy2R for many years, and to see their fun take on Hellboy is a thrill. These vinyl figures will be in very tight edition quantities, so we expect a quick sellout of most of the variants.”

Hellboy collectables aren’t exactly the most common of things, so if you want in on these bad boys you might want to mark your calendars – Hellboy Mini-Qee’s will be on store shelves this July and will retail for $19.99 USD.

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