Toy Fair 20: 6″ GI Joe line confirmed as pics leak

It’s been asked for for years, and now thanks to some leaked images of Snake-Eyes, it looks like Hasbro is finally set to release a line of 6″ GI Joes.


GI Joe is one of the most classic properties in almost any medium. Hasbro’s military action lineup basically invented the ‘action figure’ format, and has been a continuous hit with both kids and collectors for years. Heck, I’m still collecting the 25th era line, and that’s been dead for a while. But that incredible 3.75″ line is besides the point today, because 6″ Joes are now a reality.

Called GI Joe: Classified, the new series will feature the larger form factor, as well as everything that you’d expect from it. Lots of accessories, detailed sculpts and articulation, extra hands… it’s all here. How do we know this? Because pictures of Snake-Eyes, both in and out of the packaging have leaked online.

In a set of Tweets this morning, toy-centric Twitter account Preternia (and others) shared both in-box and loose pictures of a very impressive looking Snake-Eyes set. Preternia calls it a “convention edition”, meaning that it’ll be going on sale during Toy Fair this coming weekend.

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Presumably, that’ll be happening via Hasbro’s online store, Hasbro Pulse. Others are even reporting that stores like Walmart have placeholder listings up already for the first wave of Joes as well though, so we might be seeing the line debut en masse way sooner than later.

Stay tuned for more this weekend, as it sounds like we’ll have more official pics then.

Note: Header image is from an IDW comic

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