Toy Fair 2016: Good Smile focuses on classic gaming

Chances are that you already know The Good Smile Company’s stuff, and if you’re digging what they’ve had not he market thus far, you’re going to love where they’re heading.

So right there, in the image above, is one of my overall picks of the show. It’s Link from the classic Legend of Zelda games, just in case you had some question. We’ve seen plenty of more modern designs on the character in the last few years, but precious few of the original Link, and that’s why I’m liking this one so much. He should be available some time in late Sumemr this year, and seems to be worth every bit of that $55.00 USD if you’re like me and a big fan of the NES and Link to the Past eras of Nintendo’s number two franchise.

That’s not to say that Link here was alone in his awesomeness. Seamus Aran from Metroid was on hand and in fine form, as were a few full-grown Links and some excellent Virtua Fighter figures, which looked like they jumped right out of the original, polygonal fight-fest.


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