Toy Fair 2019: DC Collectibles debuts 9″ DC Prime series

DC Prime represents a new scale, as well as new looks for DC’s heroes and villains. From the looks of its first offering, it might be a winner.


When you talk about action figures that are “collector” grade, the market is pretty specific. You’ve got your Marvel Legends and DC Multiverse on one side, and the One:12 Collective’s of the world on the other. DC Prime looks like it might be a mixture of both.

As you can see from the very first figure in the line, Batman, Prime is not your typical action figure series. There’s a ton of detail happening here, courtesy of artist Riccardo Federici and sculptor Wonil Song.

The scale is also something new – 9″. I’m not sure how that’s going to go over with collectors, who seem pretty happy with a 7″ scale, but it might make for an impressive-looking action figure.

Also with Prime, you’ll be getting significant bang for the buck. Batman alone comes with extra hand sets, three different portraits (head sculpts), and a wired cape for posing. Pretty cool honestly.

There’s no price point just yet for DC Prime, though we can expect to see Batman leading the way in he line this coming October.

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