Toy Fair 2019: Storm Collectibles booth tour

Storm Collectibles’ Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and King of Fighters lines are joined by impressive new IPs like Injustice, Gears of War and more.

Storming the industry

Storm Collectibles is hot. Producing an almost too impressive line of fighting game-centric action figures, Storm has impressed in almost every way. And they’re only getting better. That might be a canned comment in most instances, but I really mean it here. Storm is awesome.

That they keep on building is one of the main reasons for that. Storm has some top notch licenses, and yet they keep on adding more to the stable. Yes, there are new additions to the company’s Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter series. They’re darn good ones too, like Guile, Sagat, Baraka, Cammy, and more. But there’s so much more on the way now, and it’s all good to great.

The new Injustice series continues to look unbelievably cool with the addition of a monstrous Bane. Then there’s the really new stuff. Axe Battler from Golden Axe arrived, as well as the beginnings of a Gears of War line, as surprising as that is.

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This is some seriously cool stuff, and again, from a company that seems to only get better. Scroll down and check it out.

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