Toy Soldiers War Chest officially dated for next month

The War Chest is overflowing with toy armies in the latest iteration of Ubisoft’s Toy Soldiers, and it’ll be available to play on consoles and PC in just a few weeks.

Wow is there some nostalgia there in Cobra’s units and bases in this tower defense affair. LOVE the inclusion of the Trouble Bubbles and those bunkers! I remember both very well and it’s great to see them all included here. I only wish there were more 80s era action figure forces to pit against one another. Maybe down the road.

For now though, Ubisoft has confirmed that Toy Soldiers: War Chest is on the way to the Xbox One and PC, and PS4 this August the 11th and 12th respectively. That’s not too far off and will give gamers that chance to reenact their favorite action figure combat just before summer vacation comes to a close. Not that anyone who remembers most of these toys gets to partake in that privilege anymore. *sigh*

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The standard edition of the game will include 4 armies, while the also on-the-way Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame edition will have another 4 to round things out to 8 total. And it’s those additional 4 that have the good stuff really, as those are the licensed ones.

They include:

  • G.I. JOE – Marching into the toy box is a highly trained special mission force, codename: G.I. JOE. Led by brave field commander Duke and armed with an arsenal of weapons, this team works together on the front lines to stop evil in its tracks.
  • He-Man – Enabled by the power of Greyskull™ is the Masters of the Universe™ army led by He-Man™, The Most Powerful Man in the Universe™. Gifted with unimaginable strength and fearless courage, He-Man, Battle Cat™ and his Eternian warriors team up to protect the Eternia toy box from the forces of darkness.
  • Cobra Commander – Trained in explosives and martial arts, and backed by the support of a fanatical army comprised of a deeply loyal infantry, the Cobra Commander army will not hesitate to take on any opposing faction. With a mix of brute force, advanced technology and fierce tenacity, the Cobra Commander army is a force to be reckoned with on the ground and in the skies.
  • Ezio – Gifted with a prowess in parkour, stealth and charisma, Ezio and the Assassin’s brotherhood team up to create a fierce alliance of justice and protection. An ancestor of Desmond Miles, the charming Florentine Ezio Auditore da Firenze is a master with the hidden blade and the ladies.
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