Trailer: 3D Realms’ FPS Cultic brings back the 90s with new demo

Trailer: 3D Realms’ FPS Cultic brings back the 90s with new demo

Grab your sawed-off and get ready to unleash hell on a twisted cult in 3D Realms’ latest retro FPS title. Cultic has a fresh demo, out now on Steam.

Ooh, culty

Attempting to uncover the truth behind recent kidnappings and gruesome murders, a disgraced detective follows a trail of clues and discovers a fortified compound in an asylum thought to be abandoned. Barely two steps out of his vehicle, he is ambushed from the shadows. He awakens in a mass grave, wounds fresh, but strangely unbleeding. Struggling to understand his inexplicable resurrection, he rises to crush the cult and stop their forsaken rituals.

3D Realms press release

Today’s demo contains the final game’s survival mode as well. 3D Realms and developer Jasozz Games say the new mode is inspired by “Resident Evil 4’s “The Mercenaries” and Killing Floor”.

Basically, that breaks down into waves of attackers, not unlike a Horde Mode. In between waves, players will be able to purchase weapons, ammo, health, and armor. It’ll give players a choice of strategy too, as you can tackle the survival mode in either cover or run and gun style. Just pay attention to the timer, because once that ticks down it’s game over.

Cultic has no final release date just yet, though you can grab that PC demo right now. The game is expected for that platform later this year, with a bevy of console editions coming thereafter.

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