Trailer: After an over two decade break, Kao the Kangaroo returns

Trailer: Arriving this month Kao the Kangaroo is set to punch-up a good time

Dreamcast platformer Kao the Kangaroo has made his way back to consoles and the PC, with a just released sequel that’s looking… punchy.

Rock ’em, sock ’em

Punching a path through his adversaries, Kao will pummel his way to glory within a colourful and vibrant world, alive with activity and visual flair. Lurking behind the bold and beautiful environment, however, lies a whole other world filled with mystery, uncontrollable power, and chaos better known as the Eternal World. Its secrets are now in Kao’s hands, granting him brand new powers…but at what cost?

Tate Multimedia press release

Kao the Kangaroo is hopping onto consoles and the PC today, May 27th. You can catch the opening bell on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the PC (via Steam and Epic) and Nintendo Switch.

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