Trailer: Blasting out of Early Access in December, RTS Crossfire Legion is almost here

Trailer: Prime Matter bulks up RTS Crossfire: Legion with more content for Early Access launch

Bringing classic, action-oriented RTS gameplay back to PC’s in December is Crossfire Legion. The title emerges from Steam Early Access in December.

The final act begins

If you’ve been playing the Early Access edition of Crossfire Legion, then you already have a handle on what the game brings to the RTS-table. But even so, you’re in for a ton of new stuff when the game hits retail.

Additional features and content include:

  • Final Campaign, Act IV, added
  • Operation Northside co-op mode added
  • New game mode Brawl
  • New skirmish map: Labyrinth (three v three)
  • New payload map: Tongren Facility (three v three)   
  • Twelve new units, four for each faction
  • Three additional commanders:
  • Warden (Global Risk)
  • Stalker (Black List)
  • Cipher (New Horizon)
  • A.I. creation for Battle Lines, Payload, Brawl, and Standard Game modes

All of that adds up to the complete experience of what developer Smilegate had envisioned when CL entered Early Access last May. Well, what they envisioned and then some, as the house actually worked in a bunch of stuff off of feedback from the real-time strategy community.

Loaded with content that includes a campaign and multiple co-op and versus modes, as well as an “arcade” mode, Crossfire Legion is targeting a December 8th, 2022 launch for the PC.

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