Trailer: Classic RTS play returns to the PC with Crossfire: Legion

Trailer: Prime Matter bulks up RTS Crossfire: Legion with more content for Early Access launch

Out now in Early Access form, Prime Matter and Blackbird Interactive’s Crossfire: Legion brings back staple real-time strategy play.

Crossfire crossfire

Set in the near future of the Crossfire universe, where society is crumbling and the world is consumed by corporate conflicts, three rival factions fight for the domination of their ideologies.

With 45 units to choose from and six unique Commanders, players must raise and customize their army, manage its resources, consolidate their positions and push forward to dominate the map.

In addition to a strong narrative campaign that will evolve throughout Early Access, Crossfire: Legion will test players’ competitive and strategic skills through an expanded roster of units and Commanders. Armed with unique abilities, each Commander can help turn the tide of a battle. Knowing how to make the most of these abilities and how to counter them will be essential to prevailing in Crossfire: Legion’s many multiplayer modes. 

Prime Matter press release

Out now for the PC in Early Access, Crossfire: Legion is set to deliver the entire first Act (of 4) of the game’s campaign. As more is added on, and the game travels through development, players can expect new maps, modes, units and much more.

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