Trailer: Dakar Desert Rally gets slushy with SnowRunner DLC

Trailer: Dakar Desert Rally gets slushy with SnowRunner DLC

Arriving for Dakar Desert Rally is a brand new set of powerful trucks from the SnowRunner series of off-road racers. Check them out in action.

Drifts and dunes, both

Get behind the wheel of five of SnowRunner’s most massively mighty trucks, capable of taking on any challenge: the TUZ 16, TUZ 108, TUZ 420, ZiKZ 605R, and YAR 87. Overcome extreme open-world environments in either Free Roam mode or Rally Raid competition. Put your skills to the test against the elements with nine new stages and two new events exclusive to the “SnowRunner Trucks” DLC.

Saber Interactive press release

Hailing from the games of the same name, The SnowRunner pack is out now for $9.99 USD. Dakar Desert Rally also has a new update to talk about though, and this one is free of charge. Patch 1.7 delivers “a number of general game fixes, improvements, and simulation tools like the new steering wheel wizard”.

So even if you don’t want to spend, you’re now able to add something new to your base copy of Dakar. And if you’d like to read the full notes on the patch, you can do so here.

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