Trailer: Go behind the scenes of Xel for a look at the game’s character design

Trailer: XEL brings a sci-fi, Zelda-like adventure to consoles and PC

A game that should remind most players of a certain ‘Legend’, Tiny Roar’s Xel is busting with personality and some excellent old-schoolish looks.

Xel… da?

In today’s developer diaries (you get three because Tiny Roar loves their player base), Game Director Maurice Hagelstein and Game Designer Tom Erenstein take us behind the scenes with a look at the character creation process the studio went through before landing on the style we see today, as well as discussing their gameplay design philosophy and giving us a brief but tantalizing glimpse of what players can expect when the game drops next year.

Tiny Roar

Xel is scheduled to quest onto the PC and Switch in the summer, before landing on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 some time later on in 2022.

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