Trailer: Go Pitch Black as Deathloop launches on PC and PS5

Trailer: Deathloop’s mysterious island explained

Bethesda’s Deathloop is finally here for the PS5 and PC, and it’s sounding like it might be the publisher’s best in a while. Check out the launch look.

Death is an illusion

DEATHLOOP, the innovative first-person shooter by Arkane Lyon, the acclaimed studio behind the award-winning Dishonored series, is available now worldwide, exclusively on console for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) System and PC. DEATHLOOP takes advantage of the power of the PS5 with stunning visuals and fast loading with the ultra-high speed SSD while the DualSense controller brings the sounds and sensations of Blackreef to your fingertips. 


FYI, the above features “Pitch Black,” by Sencit featuring Lady Blackbird. So it’s got a little extra cool, not that Deathloop seems to need it. The game is out right now for the PS5 and the PC.

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