Trailer: Hot Wheels Unleashed heads to the skatepark

Trailer: Hot Wheels Unleashed heads to the skatepark

Get ready to thrash. Just keep in mind you’ll be doing so with tiny cars on orange plastic tracks. Hot Wheels Unleashed is heading to the skatepark.

Skate or die!

The Skatepark area has unparalleled space available to unleash the player’s creativity and design tracks in an area unconstrained by pesky walls and furniture. Players can use ramps, railings, and beams to create crazy routes and to serve up awesome tricks and stunts. Feel the exhilarating drop of the halfpipe as you tear across the next kick ramp into victory, just don’t mind the T-rex. 


The skatepark is the latest of 4 environmental reveals for Hot Wheels Unleashed. It’s a still-growing list that includes the Skyscraper, the Garage, and the Campus, all of which should provide a nicely varied backdrop for your racing pleasure.

Featuring 60+ realistic and fantasy cars, Hot Wheels Unleashed is racing towards launch later this year.

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