Trailer: Monstrum 2 tearing free of Early Access next month

Trailer: Monstrum 2 tearing free of Early Access next month

An asymmetrical horror experience in the vein of Dead by Daylight, Junkfish’s multiplayer sequel Monstrum 2 is finally ready for retail.

Run away!

Get ready to play as friend or foe in this spine-tingling player-versus-player survival horror game, where players are put to the test: can you survive as a prisoner with other inmates in the harrowing Sea Fort of Sparrowlock? Or can you successfully terrorize and hunt down all your prey? 

Junkfish press release

Monsrtrum 2 promises a variety of monsters to play as, including the stealthy Bhagra, the powerhouse Brute, and the telekinetic Malacosm. On the flip side, players who field a human inmate will find themselves having to work together to overcome the beasts that haunt the bedeviled prison and escape.

If you couldn’t tell also, Monstrum 2 is about survival, so your human character is pretty helpless when face-to-face with a creature. Your game is to outwit, and break out while still among the living. That might be more interesting proposal than in the first game too, as this sequel offers up bigger maps with more escape routes. Of course, it also has more monsters, so…

Monstrum 2 emerges from Early Access on September 6th, and will have a 10% discount if you buy within the first week of sale.

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