Trailer: Night is Coming settles at the edge of evil

Trailer: Night is Coming settles at the edge of evil

Building a settlement? Easy. Building a settlement at the edge of a forest ripe with evil monsters that appear at night in Night is Coming? Not as easy.

Night terrors

Offering a fresh twist to the popular survival genre, Night is Coming adds a grim new fantasy setting and bloody combat to survival city-builders. On top of the common management parts in which players have to set up a working “society,” players will face the approaching dangers of winter and mystical, deadly night creatures. RPG elements offer different preferences and aversions in each settler, making the management aspect of settlements even more crucial. Though with the approaching night, players will face a new kind of challenge. Mystical creatures all set in the “Van Helsing” and “Count Dracula” universe are attacking settlements. Assign soldiers, build defensive structures, and use powerful magical spells all while trying to keep villagers sane. Build and manage, repair and improve, fight and protect, but first and foremost… survive.


From Ravenscourt and Wild Forest Studios, Night is Coming is set to creep onto the PC some time in 2022.

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