Trailer: PC Roguelite Revita gets new “Cursed Choices” update

Trailer: PC Roguelite Revita gets new “Cursed Choices” update

Side-scrolling PC title Revita brings a little more content into its Roguelite world with Cursed Choices. The update adds a new area, characters, and more.

Mind the gap

In Revita, players must climb an ominous clock tower through a series of procedural encounter rooms and take on challenging boss fights on their way to reclaiming their lost memory. Along the way, players will be able to trade health for randomized upgrades as the game dares them to live on a knife edge.

Dear Villagers

Revita is out now on the PC, via Steam. It’s also got a special deal going for Steam’s Summer Sale, at 15% off the ticketed price. The Cursed Choices update is also live for it, so you’ll get a little extra bang for your buck.

In total, that includes:

  • The Somber Sepulcher – Explore a whole new level in the mythical clocktower, with a unique aesthetic, different enemies, and a terrifying boss fight.
  • An Expanded Cast – Meet enigmatic new NPCs including the Priestess and the Librarian, and discover how they factor into Revita’s story.
  • Decisions, decisions – As well as adding 25 new relics, the update also gives players the ability to choose between two different effects when receiving a curse. 
  • Mind the gap – Collect train tickets over the course of a run and give yourself an edge on the next attempt. 
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