Trailer: Port Royale 4 sets sail for Switch today

Yarrr, Port Royale 4’s Buccaneers DLC is coming up this month

The Nintendo Switch is taking to the high seas and hitting the trade-routs of the Caribbean today. Port Royale 4 has officially arrived for the console.

Raise sails

Port Royale 4 gives players the ultimate trade sim experience, the fourth iteration offering a 12 million square kilometer playground of pristine 17th Century Caribbean scenery to both settle and explore. The Nintendo Switch™ version includes full touch-screen support, making it effortless to access the in-game mini-map whilst building intricate production lines that span multiple territories and upgrading settlements with an assortment of ships and buildings.

Those maritime magnates interested in a more action-focused experience can opt to attack rival nations, targeting their fleets and settlements while keeping a keen eye for pirates and other privateers who might be looking to do the same. Thoselooking to start their own colony can also succeed from their parent nation (France, Spain, England or the Netherlands) and choose a new name for their sovereignty, update their flag to something more their speed, and even take part in a heated war with their former ruler.


Port Royale 4 is out today for the Switch, and is also available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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