Trailer, screens and a release date all emerge for Grand Theft Auto V on next-gen

Rockstar’s masterpiece from 2013 arrives on the PS4 and Xbox One later this year and on the PC in early 2015, and my-oh-my does it look like it’s worth the wait.

If you’ve played GTAV, then you already know what’s happening here and you’ve probably seen and played through most of what’s been shown off in that clip above. What you may have been knocked over by though (I was), is the graphical quality of the title now that it’s made the jump from the 360 and PS3 to the Xbox One and PS4. The sheer power of these two next generation consoles has bumped up what was an already great looking game to what’s pretty easily one of the best looking on either console. For that alone, GTAV warrants another look, especially if you’re a big time fan of the series.

And PC fans won’t get left out in the cold this time around either, as they’ll be able to ride the mean streets of Grand Theft Auto’s twisted version of California as well, just a little later than their console brethren. The Xbox One and PS4 editions of the game (and that trailer was captured off of a PS4) will be hitting on November 18th of this year, while that PC version won’t be arriving till January 27th, 2015. Yes, that’s a bit more of a wait, but at least you’ll have something to play now in the deep dark of winter, so look at it that way.

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Rockstar is promising lots more to come on this one between now and the launch, so stay tuned.

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