Trailer: Sega gives Company of Heroes fans a look at part 3’s deadly Wehrmacht

Video: Go in-depth with the art and authenticity of Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 is almost here, and Sega looks to be digging into the WWII forces that game’ll feature. That kicks off with the Wehrmacht.

Achtung baby

Where the Wehrmacht feel most different is in their tech structure. During the course of a battle, players will make a choice between investing further in their buildings, unlocking units such as the Wirbelwind or StuG, or progressing upwards to the likes of the Panzer IV. Additionally, Transfer Orders will also allow you to exchange your Grenadiers for Panzergrenadiers or Jaeger Infantry as the game progresses. ​ 

Sega press release

Along with the look at what’s coming up for German forces in Company of Heroes III, this month will also see a special livestream from developer Relic, con November 24th am 10am pacific. The company’s “community team” will host a look at Wehrmacht gameplay, with designers Jason Zhang and Marco Fiore.

Aside from general gameplay, the duo will also give prospective players a lot at the faction’s unit roster and battlegroups, as well as multiplayer and “more”. If you’re looking forward to CoH3’s launch, it should be a great show.

That launch, by the way, will happen on February 23rd, 2023.

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